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Track Record

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0.83 ETH highest block proposal reward

1 block proposal every 60 days on average

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>99% attestation effectiveness


"I wanted to set up my own validator for the longest time but was always afraid of getting slashed. Glad to finally get mine running!"


"Its good to know that I can generate pure ETH rewards without having to worry about getting rugged."


"Decentralisation and censorship resistance are important to me. Its about putting my ETH to work in a way that aligns with my values."


"Even though rewards are not smoothed across all customers, I actually like that there's a base rate plus the chance to get a windfall bonus reward!"


"My validator proposed 7 blocks since I started and I can see that the block rewards are getting larger after the merge."


"Though I am somewhat confident of running my own validator, I don't mind outsourcing the maintenance to the experts at Stakesaurus."

Best-in-Class Setup

Your Keys, Your Crypto

Retain full offline control of your seed phrase and validator signing keys so that no one (ourselves included) can rug you

Guided Setup

Whether its ensuring your keys are generated safely, securing your validator, or troubleshooting, we are here to ensure you can be confident of your setup

Knowledge Transfer

Aspiring home-stakers are the future of the Ethereum network. Our goal is to empower you to be able to run your validator on your own if you want to

Mevboost Enabled

Being able to accept MEV bundles is crucial to maximising your profits. The highest block reward received by a single validator is 337 ETH

High Uptime

We help you optimise your uptime according to your physical environment. Stay online to maximise your staking rewards

Low cost-to-run

Our solution ensures a low cost-to-run setup. Pay minimal amounts in electricity bills and keep the lion's share of your staking rewards

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