About Us

When we began our Ethereum home-staking journey, we struggled to get started with learning everything that is needed to put our ETH tokens to work securely. After painstakingly acquiring 32 ETH and weathering several winters, you can imagine we were a tad more paranoid than normal and wanted to completely understand what we were doing at each step of the process.

This is a gap we want to solve - by providing individuals like ourselves with a guided validator setup and building a community of home-stakers that strives to continually improve our craft.

At Stakesaurus we want to help you get started in your journey to own and run your Ethereum validator node in a completely self-sovereign manner.


Samuel Chong, CFA

Raja Pandian
Advisor - Blockchain and Security

Mary-Anne Lee
Advisor - Community Management

Henry Tran
Advisor - Linux Systems

Eugene Cheo
Advisor - Hardware systems

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